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What Is A Garage Bump Out - How Is It Built?

garage bump out home addition | Clarence Center

Is it time to build a garage bump out? Do you struggle with finding space to store your outdoor or boxed up items? Is your garage over run with so much stuff that you can’t even park your car? Are you looking to create more storage space without completely renovating or adding onto your home? 

A garage bump out might be the answer you’re looking for!

What is a Garage Bump Out?

If you’ve ever been in an RV or looked at the design of one, you’ll notice the small additions which are considered bump outs that provide extra storage or living space. 

This is the same idea just built for a garage. It requires less construction than a traditional home addition would require and you can add as much space as needed.

You can add a bump out to each side of your garage if you require extra space. 

It’s time to clear the clutter from your garage and build a bump out to store your extra items. Once you build this add on you can use your garage for its original purpose, to park and protect your car! 

How is a Garage Bump Out Built?

garage bump out home addition

Most garage bump outs are built with wood and are typically square or rectangular in design. However, you can build it however you please if you have the space. 

A bump out is built like a traditional home addition. 

You start with a concrete or wooden deck for foundation, and then build the header that will support the part of the garage wall that will be removed. You will then knock out the wall, build the walls, add the roof, and finish the addition with roofing, siding and windows. 

And you will need all the tools, materials, knowledge and expertise to build the bump out properly. 

Yes, that most definitely sounds overwhelming a project that you should hire a remodeling contractor for. 

A remodeling contractor can help you build the addition in a matter of days and complete the project safely. 

Work with T Brothers

Team up with us at T Brothers Renovations to build the garage bump out that you are in need of for extra storage. 

We are Buffalo, NY home renovations and remodeling contractors who have been helping clients transform their homes since 2015. Our firm is dedicated to helping those complete home renovation projects they need. Our Buffalo NY renovations team is ready to help you build your additional space and finally be able to park and protect your car in your garage again

If you live outside our service area and are looking to hire a remodeling contractor search for “garage bump out near me” to find a local contractor. We also recommend that you review our last article “What To Look For In A Quality Remodeling Contractor,” to make sure you are getting the best contractor for the job. 

If you’re ready to start your project, we are ready to work with you, today! 


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