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this is the process our Home remodelING contractors IN BUFFALO NY USE TO deliver swoon-worthy results:

At TBrothers Renovations, we are more than just “handymen”. We’re artisan home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY who understand how to mix style with functionality. That talent has earned us the reputation of being some of the best kitchen, bath, and home renovation experts in the Buffalo and Western New York area. Satisfied customers near you have allowed us to show them the potential of their kitchen or bathroom space, and our passion for what we do is clear every step of the way.


Understanding what your lifestyle needs are and what you are looking to accomplish with your kitchen and bath remodels or home improvement is the first step in the process.


Design is an ongoing process. Throughout the project, we explore fixtures, color schemes, finishes, and appliances, and ensure we are meeting goals laid out in the planning phase.


We utilize innovative tools to reduce dust and allergens and provide a clean workspace that reduces cleanup time and protects clients’ homes. You deserve nothing but the best.


Our home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY take pride in completing your project on time and correct the first time. We make sure we are fulfilling every detail we planned for.

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Your preferences for the design and flow in your home come first. You will make memories here.

1 - Plan Your Dream with OUR Home RemodelING Contractors IN BUFFALO NY

The best kitchen, bathroom, or home makeover starts with getting to know you and your routine. Your home is the setting for years of memories — whether holiday feasts, cozy get-togethers with friends, or a romantic evening with someone special. Your family and loved ones will enjoy the new room for many years to come, and it’s up to us to help you create a special environment for everyone to get together, relax, and savor the moment. 

We discuss the space that will make your home better designed to suit your needs. This includes proper layout of fixtures, how much storage you desire, ease of use in your space, etc.

We pride ourselves on helping customers with planning and design. Some people have their own creative thoughts that they come in with, and they know what they want. Some people don’t. We will come up with solutions together.

2 - Design the Best Kitchen, Bathroom, or Home Makeover

After an initial consultation to understand your vision for the best kitchen makeover or bathroom renovation to suit your needs, we begin by picking colors and styles for tile, flooring, and paint to bring your vision to life. 

We are both home designers and home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY. This means we are a one-stop-shop where you can pick your materials and have them custom-built into your space. We can go with you to the tile store, look at countertops and cabinets, etc. We talk about the design with you and choose what to go with.

We’ll even create a digital mockup of what the space will look like when completed, so you’ll have absolute control over the final outcome of the remodeling project. If there’s something you don’t like, we’ll be happy to discuss what changes can be made to suit your tastes. The best part is — you will be able to see the concept, the entire idea, before any work is completed. 

home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY
Tile and color selection with TBrothers - Designers and home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY

3 - We Protect Your Home while We Remodel

TBrothers Renovations cares about your home and about protecting the people, pets, carpets, flooring, and valuables within it. That’s why we keep dust at a minimum while working on projects. We do everything we can to ensure that the experience isn’t a nightmare for the family, leaving them with a mess to clean up when we’re finished. We communicate with our clients to make sure our time creating their best kitchen makeover or bath makeover is as positive as possible.

We have invested in specialized technology to keep dust and allergens to an absolute minimum. Part of this involves keeping the dust controlled in one area and leaving the site in good condition so the family can still live in it and go about their daily routine without too much interruption to their lives and space.

  • Part of this extra protection includes a ZipWall Dust Barrier, which is a magnetic plastic door and/or walls that section off work areas to minimize dust in non-construction areas of the home.
  • We lay down plastic over the furniture in the home.
  • We also use a BuildClean HEPA 360 Air Scrubber, along with a HEPA vacuum system to reduce dust and allergens at the worksite. This system connects to many tools we use in the process of kitchen and bath remodeling, including our drywall sander, miter saws, table saws, and many other tools.

What this means is less mess, less air pollution, and fewer allergens are allowed into your home while our home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY work.

we are obsessed

with giving you the cleanest home remodel possible.
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Some kitchen and bathroom remodel contractors start a job, do it halfway, and leave a mess behind for you to clean up. Not TBrothers. We are high-quality home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY that do the process right the first time. This means that, for example:

  • We do proper waterproofing whenever we remodel bathrooms and showers. This ensures that if water gets behind the tile, it is able to drain out and will not grow mold on the back. If you put tile directly on drywall, and the back of it gets wet, it is essentially is a sponge that will stay wet and where mold will grow. That won’t happen with us. Read more about our bathroom makeover process.
  • We make sure that walls are level before installing cabinets and tile. If a wall is crooked, cabinets will not line up and will look lopsided. We want tiles to be the same shape and size because everything is square. We may need to add structural pieces to level a wall.
  • We use a leveling system on all our cabinets so the cabinets are not directly on the floor and we can adjust them without using chimps. Wooden chimps decay or compress over time. We use metal. Read more about our kitchen remodeling process.
  • We use a STRATA_MAT™ under tile and stone. This is a membrane on the floor of all tile surfaces. This helps if the house settles or there is shifting movement. It will move without cracking the tiles. It is like a bridge in between surfaces instead of attaching tile directly to the floor.
  • We use metal plates to protect pipes and electrical wires. So in the future, if someone moves something around or creates a hole in the wall, this won’t go through the pipe.

These are just a few examples of what sets our work apart. The building processes we have in place are so important for a quality end-result. Not all home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY do this, and you probably won’t think of everything if you try to DIY the project.

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It’s all about the details and prep work. We believe that good communication and putting your dream first is of top importance towards creating high-quality results. Protecting your home is key and a major part of our work at TBrothers Renovations. We understand how difficult interruptions in routine can be for a family, so we go the extra step to make sure that the homeowner feels like we were never even there. 

At TBrothers Renovations, we make sure that our clients are on the right page with us, with our work, and with the home, kitchen, or bath makeover they’ve always wanted. We are high-quality professionals who make you feel heard even while we are building. And we diligently work to bring your vision of the best kitchen makeover or best bathroom makeover to life. You can feel comfortable with us being in your home and around your kids.

Put simply – We truly believe TBrothers are the best bathroom, kitchen, and home remodeling contractors in Buffalo and Western New York, and we’re proud of that reputation.

Our four-step process is part of what has helped us earn a reputation for being the best kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY. We look forward to helping you experience the TBrothers difference first-hand. Schedule an appointment today.