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What Is An Extreme Home Makeover?

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What is an Extreme Home Makeover?

Your home is supposed to be your happy place. 

As homeowners, you want to have a home you are proud of and a home that is conducive to your needs. 

You’ve seen the show Extreme Home Makeover, and you’ve browsed through magazines full of gorgeous picturesque spaces that can only be dreamed of. Until now.

Turn those dreams into reality and transform your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of. 

From Dreams to Reality

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The popular TV reality series Extreme Home Makeover gave people grand homes that fit their needs. 

But what exactly is an extreme home makeover? 

An extreme home makeover is a whole or partial home renovation that completely transforms the spaces you want to change into a custom room designed by you. 

On a smaller scale, you won’t tear down your existing home, but you can knock out some walls and put additions onto your home or outdoor space (see our previous blog, What Is A Garage Bump Out?) to completely transform the look and feel. 

Updating windows, adding crown-molding, replacing appliances, adding a fireplace and finishing touches can make your home look like those in the magazine. 

Most likely if you’re doing a multiple room makeover and you want it done properly and in an efficient amount of time, you’ll want to hire experts to take on the project. 

So how do you get started? 

The Home Makeover Process

As exciting as home makeovers can be, they can also be stressful. Trying to figure out where to start and what rooms to do and how to make it all work together can turn your dream project into a nightmare. 

Going through these following steps can help you navigate your home transformation with ease and allow you to communicate your wants and needs with your renovation team. 

Step 1: Plan and Budget 

The first thing you want to do is pick your rooms and plan your budget. Decide which rooms are priority and how much you want to spend on each room individually. 

When working with a budget, reserve at least 10%-15% off the top for unforeseen issues and complications. Don’t spend your whole budget and then be stuck halfway through your project because you’ve run out of the funds to fix an issue.

Step 2: Use Your Imagination

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Creating a vision for each room will help the design and renovation team understand your ideas for the space. Chances are they’ve created similar rooms and can show you ideas and guide you on what works best in that space. 

Having a plan for each room will keep you from being overwhelmed when going to choose appliances, paint, furniture, accents and more. 

Yes, visions can change and adapt, but having a clear idea to start with will ease tension. 

Step 3: Pick Your Renovation Team

After you’ve created a budget and vision, it’s time to pick your contractor.  Your home renovation contractor will be the point of contact, team leaders and project managers throughout the whole process. 

It is crucial to find a contractor that understands your wants, needs and visions and a company that you feel comfortable working with for what can be several months. 

Interview companies and evaluate their work, reviews and any business related information like licenses, certifications and insurances. 

Ask them if they have partnerships with plumbers, electricians, interior designers and any other technicians that will be working closely with them. Having a cohesive team means better communication and a streamlined renovation. 

Ask your contractor what permits you will need and zoning issues you may run into and if they are taking care of all of that. 

Go over with them your budget, time frames, and if you want to do one room at a time or a whole-house renovation all at once. 

If they are able to check all of the boxes, then congratulations! You’ve found your dream team! 

Extreme Home Makeover: TBrothers Edition

At TBrothers Renovations, we check all of those boxes with the services we provide. We work with all of our clients’ ideas and visions to create exactly what they want. 

Whether it’s helping them update a bathroom to a complete home makeover, we are here to make it happen. We don’t just stand by, we get involved. You’ll find us painting, making a unique backsplash, demoing a wall, and more. 

And when it comes to stylish magazine-worthy remodels, we are considered the leaders out of Western New York Contractors and Buffalo, NY renovations companies.  

If you’re ready to start your extreme home makeover, connect with us and set up a consultation with one of our team members. Let’s give you the home of your dreams, today! 


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