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11 Powerful Reasons to Hire a “Design-Build” Interior Design Company

Interior Design Company

The Power of a Design-Build Interior Design Company

The decision to hire an interior design company and a contracting company separately or opt for a design-build approach depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the complexity of your project.

At TBrothers Renovations, we understand that coordinating multiple contractors and managing communication between various parties can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a unique solution that brings together experienced builders and an interior design company all under one roof.

Read on for some reasons why this approach of an interior design company and a home remodeling company all in one offers unique benefits.

The Importance of Hiring an Interior Design Company

We firmly believe that having an interior design company on board is the right move for any large home renovation project.

1. Unique Skill Set
While a contracting team is essential for executing the construction and technical aspects of a home renovation project, an interior designer brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. They elevate the project by focusing on design aesthetics, space planning, material selection, and overall cohesiveness.

2. Fulfilling Your Creative Vision
Contractors are entrusted with constructing the backbones of our living spaces. But not all contractors have an eye for design. Sure, they can build a solid wall, but there’s a difference between a remodel that gets the job done and one that truly wows and feels like a million bucks. An interior design company knows how to weave colors, textures, and forms together in a way that leaves you breathless.

3. Remodel Right the First Time
As Samantha Gallacher of Art+Loom and IG Workshop says, “A designer provides a contractor with detailed drawings and elevations to avoid issues with electrical or plumbing being in the wrong place and therefore, the homeowner only pays once, instead of paying a contractor to change everything.”

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Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of a Designer

Some homeowners are tempted to work with a contracting company alone to avoid the costs of an independent interior design company. Other homeowners are simply intimidated by hiring two companies and coordinating the moving parts. A design-build firm gives you the best of both worlds.

4. The Design-Build Advantage: A Seamlessly Managed Process
As a design-build firm, TBrothers Renovations employs a talented on-staff interior designer as well as a team of experienced contractors, to seamlessly execute the design plan. With our design-build approach, we take care of the entire process, ensuring that all aspects of your project are expertly managed and perfectly aligned.

5. Best of Both Worlds
Our on-staff designer works with our contracting team collaboratively throughout the entire journey, sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and ensuring a cohesive vision for your project. This ensures your vision as the homeowner is given priority at every stage of the project. There is no need to hire two companies if you do not want to.

Reducing Your Project Costs by Bundling Services

By choosing a design-build firm that offers bundled services, you can unlock a powerful advantage: the potential for cost savings.

6. Only One Company to Pay
When you hire an interior design company in addition to a construction company, you essentially invite two sets of profit margins into your project. However, by opting for a design-build approach, you consolidate these services under one roof, eliminating the need for additional profit margins and streamlining the entire process.

7. Saving Time and Resources: A Win-Win Collaboration
Since our design and construction teams collaborate closely, we’re able to identify smart solutions that not only enhance the functionality of your space but also minimize waste and streamline the project timeline. It’s a win-win situation where innovative ideas are born, resulting in cost savings that benefit you as the homeowner.

Streamlined Communication

While some designers and contractors have a history of working together and established communication channels, not all do. It’s crucial to have regular meetings and discussions among all parties involved to ensure that the design vision is translated accurately into the construction process.

8. Your Design-Build Team Can Manage All Communication
When hiring an interior design company and a contracting company separately, you play a crucial role in facilitating communication and keeping both the designer and contractor on the same page. However, when working with a design-build interior design company like TBrothers Renovations, the responsibility of coordinating communication is largely taken care of by the integrated team. This streamlined communication structure can lead to a more efficient and less stressful renovation experience.

9. Single Point of Contact
By bridging the gap between design and construction, you have one single convenient point of contact. No more chasing after different contractors or struggling to convey your vision to separate teams. Together, we will bring your unique vision to life, delivering a space that reflects your style, suits your needs, and fills you with joy.

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Seamless Process

In the end, it’s the collective efforts and collaboration of all parties involved in your remodel that will yield the best results. The integrated approach of a design-build team eliminates communication gaps between the interior design company and contractors and speeds up the renovation process, paving the way to transform visions into reality.

10. Working with Synergy
When designers and contractors have strong relationships instead of working in silos from separate companies, a remarkable synergy unfolds. Your interior designer is then well-versed in the contractor’s construction techniques, methodologies, and quality standards. This familiarity allows designers to tailor their designs to align with the contractor’s strengths. The design-construction process becomes a cohesive dance, with each partner complementing the other’s moves.

11. Better Communication, Smoother Results
When designers and contractors have a solid understanding of each other’s preferences and working styles, magic happens. The shorthand language that evolves ensures everyone is on the same page, without misinterpretation or costly mistakes. Designers can effortlessly express their vision, confident that the contractor will grasp the intent behind every intricate detail. In turn, contractors can provide valuable feedback and insights, empowering designers to make real-time adjustments.

Work with TBrothers Renovations: An Interior Design Company and Contracting Company All Under One Roof

TBrothers Renovations takes pride in the fact that we are not just an interior design company, but a design-build company, which sets us apart from traditional interior design firms. By combining design and construction under one roof, we offer clients a streamlined and cohesive experience.

When you are ready to get started with your kitchen, bath, or home remodel in Buffalo or Western New York, head over to our contact page and pick a time on our calendar for an in-home estimate and design session! We plan to give you the best home renovations experience you have ever had.