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7 Important Considerations for Home Additions in Buffalo NY

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7 Important Considerations for Home Additions in Buffalo NY

TBrothers Renovations makes home additions in Buffalo NY feel very easy and fun. We specialize in keeping houses clean while under construction. We minimize disruption to the family. We are dedicated to getting every home addition project done in the timeliest manner possible. We are skilled and do the job right, from the studs up. And the end result looks magazine-gorgeous with all the wonderful elements that makes the room feel like your home.

When you are getting started on the remodeling journey, we want to be there for you every step of the way. Here are some practical considerations you should know when you are planning home additions in Buffalo NY:

  1.  Schedule Room Addition Estimates Well Ahead of the Project

    When you are considering large home improvement projects such as home additions in Buffalo NY, schedule contractors to receive estimates many months in advance. Contractors’ schedules get filled up fast. Also, there is much to be done before a home addition can begin, such as measuring, home design, getting zoning and building permits, purchasing materials, and securing labor.

    Even if you do not feel quite ready for the home addition project to begin, for example because we are in the dead of a snowy Buffalo winter, or you are not certain about design choices yet, it is a good idea to contact home addition contractors to get on their schedule and get the ball rolling.

  2. Take Advantage of Room Additions Tax Deductions

    It is important to know that you could get a tax deduction when you complete certain kinds of room additions. Especially if you work from home or have specialized medical needs, with proper planning, you can take big write-offs. We are not accountants and do not give tax advice, so please ask your tax advisor to double check that the home additions in Buffalo NY you are planning can be claimed for tax purposes.

    If you add a home office, a room that you will normally and regularly use for business, you may be able to write off this room addition as a business expense. If you finish out a space and turn it into a rental (either an office, AirBnB, or other) this is considered a business expense. Also, if someone in your household needs modifications to the home, such as a room addition with a handicap accessible bathroom, wider hallways, or a wheelchair ramp, some of these home improvements may be deductible as medical expenses.

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  3. Other Types of Room Additions

    If a home office room addition is not for you, and you are not eligible for deductions related to medical expenses, there are plenty of other types to choose from. A bathroom addition or kitchen expansion are among some of the most popular home additions in Buffalo NY. We can also build a mudroom addition, a new sunroom or four-season room, add a bedroom or in-law suite, or even a garage bump out.

    Do not forget that not all home additions are lateral. You can add new height to the house by adding a second floor, bumping out a dormer, or refinishing attic space into living space. Or convert some of your basement into a bedroom, playroom, second living room, or additional bathroom.

  4. Consider Natural Lighting When Planning Your Room Addition

    A room addition may create unintended consequences of blocking the natural lighting to another room in your house. Instead of adding a new room with doors and walls between, consider expanding rooms you already have. For example, you could ask your home addition contractors to build a kitchen addon that lets in more light, or add on space to your family room or back bedroom. This gives your house more functional space while retaining the bright, homey feel.

  5. Budget for the Unexpected

    There are a lot of nightmare contractors or situations where clients end up with a big mess (either a construction mess or a legal mess) after choosing the wrong contractor for a big project like home additions in Buffalo NY.

    At TBrothers Renovations, rest assured we will not hide issues from you during your room addition. We will strengthen, straighten, or replace any failing materials that are already existing in the home, because it is important to build on a good foundation for any home remodel, or you will have problems later. We will discuss with you how to plan ahead for items that we may need to fix that may not be visible during an estimate.

  6. Budgeting for Home Additions in a Changing World

    With wild swings in materials supply chains and sharp labor shortages, it is hard to provide any clear data on what the average home addition in Buffalo NY should cost today. What can help is getting several estimates from reputable home contractors. Ask them whether their quote will change if the project is completed months down the road. Ask them whether you can lock in labor costs, with an adjustment for materials, knowing that the cost of materials is largely in flux right now.

    If you are very concerned that changing costs will push you out of your budget range, it could be a good idea to ask for alternate solutions to a room addition. Could adding built-in storage to the home provide a good fix? Could an outdoor covered patio addition be the solution you are looking for at less cost? Would removing some walls or changing the floor plan create the aesthetic and open space you crave?

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  7. Choose the Right Home Addition Contractors

    It may seem obvious, but your successful room addition depends on hiring contractors who have a proven track record of doing a fantastic job with home additions in Buffalo NY and the WNY region. Not every contracting team has experienced home addition contractors, even if they say they have completed large home improvement projects in the past.

    Look for honest reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, or other home improvement sites like Houzz. Look for five-star glowing reviews from homeowners who have had home additions in Buffalo NY with that contractor. Also, check that the home addition contractor has liability insurance and workmen’s compensation.

    Ask the home contractors you are getting a quote from if they have in-house designers and a relationship with an architect. A home design and build team that works seamlessly together will reduce delays and communication issues.

Plan Your Home Addition with TBrothers Renovations

Are you looking for a contractor who completes home additions in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas with a high level of skill, beauty, and customer satisfaction?

We hope this guide provides you with a good start of some important considerations for planning home additions in Buffalo NY. We want you to feel completely safe and confident that TBrothers Renovations is a cut above the rest and will take good care of you during your room addition. We have completed major home remodels of all kinds, with stunning results that homeowners gush over. We really care about each and every homeowner we serve, treating you like family.

Reach out to us today to get an in-home estimate and design session. Or if you have questions that could be answered over the phone, you can schedule a phone call, so you have our undivided attention. We look forward to meeting you!