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5 Savvy Tips - How to Hire and Plan for a Bathroom Remodel Near Me

Bathroom Remodel Near

5 Tips for Homeowners – Hiring and Planning for a Bathroom Remodel Near Me

Want to know how to hire and plan for a bathroom remodel near you? Here is a handy guide with our top five great tips for savvy homeowners.

  1. Save money with a “design and build” contractor team

    Many homeowners would probably love to have an interior designer construct the design plans for their bathroom remodel, but they think it will be too expensive. Our pro tip #1? Search for a kitchen and bath contractor who has an on-staff designer. This type of contractor is called a design and build contractor team.

    Working with a design and build contractor team for your remodel will keep lots of money in your pocket, so you do not need to hire a designer separately. The designer on staff comes with the bathroom construction service you are already paying for! A design and build team can juggle all the details of your bath remodel, between managing budget and timeframe, coordinating layout and finishes, and ensuring your bathroom makeover has magazine-quality creative style.

    bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY
    One of the best ways to locate the right design and build contractor near you is to ask around. Inquire with your realtor, “Are there any design and build contractors you recommend for a bathroom remodel near me?” Make a general post on Facebook asking for recommendations. And of course,

  2. Start with a bathroom design consultation

    To ensure that you and your bath designer and contractor work well together, instead of hiring based on a “free quote,” look for a contractor for a bathroom remodel near you that will do a design consultation in your home. At TBrothers Renovations, we do in-home design sessions for a small fee that can be applied to your bathroom remodel later.

    What is a bathroom design consultation like? A contractor or designer should come to your home, give you an in-depth session spent getting to know your goals and style, and even take measurements. They can use the design consultation to draft an initial 3D model of what your bathroom makeover would look like when completed. You can ask questions at this time related to style, timeframe, and budget.

    The benefit of a design consultation is twofold – you will feel a greater sense of clarity over how the bath remodel will unfold, and you can “try before you buy” to see if this contractor “gets” you and what you want for your bathroom makeover. If you aren’t happy with the relationship, you are free to walk away and use the plans to renovate with a different contractor, and you will have a better sense of what you do want in a contractor and for your bathroom renovation.

  3. Set the tone for what you need from your bathroom contractor

    During your design consultation, or any initial meetings, it is up to you to let your bathroom contractor know what you expect from them. Being clear with your contractor helps us know how to best serve you. Every client is different.

    Do you find lots of options overwhelming, or would you like to be very hands-on picking every detail? Are you just getting started thinking about renovation, or have you been planning this for years? Are you looking for lots of guidance in creating your design aesthetic, or have you already chosen a lot of the design elements? Have you selected a budget yet, or are you still feeling out what you want to spend?

    Talk with your contractor about what works in your space and what you definitely want to change. Tell them any concerns you have about timing, or mess. They may be able to accommodate special needs. Let your contractor know what design options you have liked in the past, while being open to ideas and suggestions for how to accomplish a bathroom makeover you will be satisfied with. You may have seen one style modeled in a magazine, but different products may be available for a bathroom remodel near you.

    Bathroom Remodel Near

  4. Know what your design and build team is responsible for, and what you are responsible for

    If you have chosen a good contractor team for a bathroom remodel near you, they should be in charge of project management and be able to tell you what is their responsibility and what is yours. Do you need to file paperwork with the town? Provide any change requests by a certain date? Make payments on a certain schedule? Communicate up front, so everyone knows what needs to be done by whom and by when.

    Of course, make sure you get everything down in writing in a formal contract, so there are no surprises down the road. You don’t want to be in a situation where your bathroom contractor is sending you an unexpected bill for change orders.

  5. Do your research on how to stretch your budget

    It is easy to spend a lot on a bathroom renovation. But doing a bit of research ahead of time can help you to get loads of tips and tips for stretching your budget. We love how this homeowner used budget-conscious materials for main stretches of the walls, and purchased one slab of marble to cut it into pieces for strategically-placed design elements around the room.

    One of the benefits of using a design and build contractor like TBrothers Renovations is that we do not balk at implementing creative design solutions! We don’t just buy cookie-cutter materials and install. We pride ourselves in being skilled artists who can fulfill specialty design requests. Check out this custom mosaic that we constructed for a client’s kitchen range backsplash.

bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY

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