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Tub to Shower Conversion: 5 Exciting and Practical Tips

Tub to Shower Conversion

Tub to Shower Conversion: 5 Exciting and Practical Tips

In a previous article, we shared why we think tub to shower conversion is making a big splash in bathroom renovation! Walk-in showers are stylish, save space, allow the room to feel brighter and bigger, create intimacy in the bathroom, and they are wonderful for those with accessibility concerns. Showers also save water compared to bathing.

If you are looking for exciting and practical tips for your tub to shower conversion, look no further!

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1. Easily Add Waterproof Built-Ins

One of the main reasons for building a tub to shower conversion is to increase function in your bathroom. So don’t miss out on the chance to add built-ins, like a bench, shelving, and inset niches, to improve ease of use. They are simple to add if you have the right materials.

We like using prefabricated waterproof materials to reduce cost and building time to make built-ins! We use waterproof wedi building products for a ready-to-install base. Then these can be tiled over in any style you choose. Your shower remodeling company can help you select which types of built-ins make sense for your needs. See a video of a wedi niche being installed.

Tub to Shower Conversion: 5 Exciting and Practical Tips - TBrothers Renovations

2. Choose a Tile Floor or Prefabricated Shower Base

When building a tub to shower conversion, you have a choice to make between a tiled shower floor or a prefabricated shower base.

A prefabricated shower pan is essentially one solid slab of material, such as acrylic or resin. These kinds of prefabricated shower bases are more affordable than tile, and they eliminate many of the grout lines that need to be cleaned and resealed regularly on a tile floor. However, there are few options in terms of color and style, and you have to build your shower according to the dimensions of the pan. Also, the biggest disadvantage is that these shower bases bend and crack over time, and they only last an average of 10 years before they need to be replaced.

On the other hand, tiled shower floors will require more upkeep (cleaning and resealing). However, they won’t crack over time from being stepped on like a prefabricated base, because a tile floor has many pieces. This means your shower can last over 20 years and potentially much longer if well-cared for. A tile floor is a very popular choice for a tub to shower conversion, because there are almost limitless possibilities for style, they can be designed to fit to any size area, and they add value to the remodel.

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3. Add a Glass Enclosure

Walk-in shower conversions are becoming very popular. If you are going by a strict definition of a walk-in shower conversion, your new shower will not only not have a tub to step over, but will also eliminate the curtain or door! The idea is to literally just walk in.

However, we know many homeowners feel more comfortable with being partially enclosed by a glass pane or having a glass panel that acts as a door, with minimal frame. This means the visual space is still uncluttered, but the shower will feel more secure and less drafty.

Since there is no tub to mark boundaries, the design of the enclosure is up to you: You can enclose a traditional rectangular area of your bathroom or opt for a more creative design with a square, hexagonal, or other-shaped area.

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4. Select Specialized Shower Heads

Many homeowners choose to install more than one shower head while building a tub to shower conversion. It is likely that you already need to redo the plumbing to accommodate the new shower, so while remodeling, add as much value as you can. Multiple shower heads means maintaining different showering options instead of just removing the option to bathe.

Selecting specialized shower heads can also help keep water contained. You may consider a shower head that pours from above instead of in a lateral direction across the shower bed, especially if you are building a walk-in shower that will have no door.

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5. The Beauty is in the Details

As with every other professional home remodeling project, the key to a tub to shower conversion that feels just right for you is how personalized the design looks. The beauty is in the little details that give your shower a spark of personality. It makes a difference whether your contractor spends the time to get to know you! So when you are getting estimates from contractors, choose a shower remodeling company who really listens to you and who you connect with emotionally.

Work with your designer and/or contractor to identify the mood you want for your bathroom, styles you have incorporated into other areas of the house, and the kinds of artwork you like and will use in other areas of the room. Then build in layers: colors, textures, shapes, movement, space, finishes… A great interior designer can help you select the right details for a visual and sensory masterpiece.

More Tips for a Great Tub to Shower Conversion

This article on tub to shower conversion builds on our previous blog, 8 Considerations for an Awesome Standing Shower Remodel. There, we gave lots of details about:

  1. the most important part of your standing shower remodel;
  2. creating an illusion of space in your tiny bathroom;
  3. building walk-in showers for generously sized master bathrooms;
  4. selecting tub or no tub;
  5. selecting door or no door;
  6. selecting curb or no curb;
  7. creating an accessibility-friendly shower remodel;
  8. and the cost of your standing shower remodel.

If you have not read it yet, you can read it now through this convenient link!

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We hope you have found these tub to shower conversion tips helpful and exciting. We understand how exciting it can be to plan your bathroom makeover – home remodeling keeps us up nights too!

If you are planning a bathroom remodel in Buffalo NY, we hope you will check out the rest of the TBrothers Renovations site, and then contact us today! We look forward to meeting you and being the best home remodeling contractor you have ever worked with!