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16 Best Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY

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TBrothers is One of the Best Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY

TBrothers is a team of remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY who specialize in kitchen, bathroom, and home remodels since 2017. We have recently won the distinction of one of the Top 16 Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY by Expertise.com for the upcoming year of 2022.

Process for Identifying the 16 Best Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY

Expertise.com researches and evaluates businesses across the U.S. to best help match their customers with the highest quality local professionals. Their selection process is intensive, and for good reason. They are helping their customers select the very best contractors to help serve their needs.

Their process of selecting top local businesses involves first identifying businesses to review, analyzing verified customer reviews and referrals, and checking the companies’ accreditations, awards, and licenses. Finally, they use mystery shoppers to assess the companies’ professionalism, knowledgeability, and approachability.

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TBrothers Is Announced in the Top 16 Best Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY

Out of the 432 remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY that Expertise.com reviewed, TBrothers was selected as one of their top 16 remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY.

1) Reputation

TBrothers received an A+ for their reputation. Their reputation was assessed based on the quality and quantity of interview reviews, including their online profiles, the average score of a review, the total number of reviews, and the consistency of their scores.

TBrothers consistently gets positive reviews from their customers. These are just a few:

I can’t even begin to describe the amazing job TBrothers did with our kitchen renovation... Every member of their team that worked on our project was great and the attention to detail really shined. We can’t wait to have them do more projects for us! 100% recommend! Simply the best!

My experience working with TBrothers construction has been an exceptional one... They showed up every day on time, prepared, and ready to work. The crew worked full days, took the time to answer my questions and clean up at the end of each day. If you're looking for an honest, skilled, knowledgeable, and professional contractor, then TBrothers would be the best choice.

...I feel like I've found the general contractors that I can call for any job, big or small and have the confidence that they can deliver! Highly recommend.

You can read more reviews on Google and the Better Business Bureau.

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1) Professionalism

Expertise.com also rated TBrothers A+ on their professionalism. This was evaluated by the experience of the mystery shoppers Expertise.com hires. Contractors score higher when they answer questions quickly, thoroughly, and politely. Under this category, the team at TBrothers was rated the best scores possible for their Responsiveness (A+), Friendliness (A+), Helpfulness (A+), and their Attention to Detail (A+).

Several customers have commented on the professionalism of the team at TBrothers:

…My husband and I loved working with everyone at TBrothers Vadim, Dan,Tim, Ben, Paul and especially Irena. Everyone was very professional and extremely courteous.

...As with any work project in your home, having contractors that you can trust and feel comfortable with in your private space is paramount, and they were wonderful and easy to have around everyday for weeks.

…extremely friendly and quite friendly, talented and knowledgeable.

Best Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY

More About the TBrothers Home Remodeling Process

TBrothers follows an impressive 4-step process to be able to give their customers the kitchenbathroom, or home remodel of their dreams in a reasonable and well-timed fashion.

1) Planning

The first step of the process involves collaborating with the customer on the design, layout, and needs of the remodel. Being able to work one-on-one with a professional home contractor is an important part of the process in making sure that your space is exactly how you would hope it to be.

During this conversation, our remodeling contractors in Buffalo NY can help your vision come to life by figuring out a layout, storage options, as well as which fixtures to use.

2) Design

The second step solidifies your design choices. Since TBrothers is a build-design contractor firm, you have access to all of the materials that can be used in the build, including tile, flooring, paint, countertops, and cabinets. You’ll also be able to see a digital mockup of the layout and design choices, so you can ensure that your dream will be able to be your reality. 

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3) Protection

The third step involves protecting your home while the construction is taking place. This step cannot be underestimated. When contractors are in and out of your home and demolition/gutting is taking place, dust and allergens can get on your carpets, flooring, furniture, wall art, and other home decor items. Plus, this can be miserable for people and pets when a remodel is ongoing.

We at TBrothers pride ourselves on ensuring all of your items are safe and dust and allergens are kept to a minimum by using wall barriers, dust covers, and running a HEPA 360 Air Scrubber.

4) Build

The final step of the process is our meticulous attention to detail to make sure that your job is done right the first and only time. They make sure all areas are properly waterproofed, cabinets and countertops are level, and that all wires and pipes are protected. 

Let Us Be Your Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY or WNY

With TBrothers’ genuine passion and craftsmanship, it’s not surprising they were selected one of the Top 16 Best Remodeling Contractors in Buffalo NY.

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