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3 Secrets of White Kitchen Renovation Ideas that Work

white kitchen renovation ideas

White Kitchen Renovation Ideas: 3 Top Questions

So you are considering white kitchen renovation ideas. And we don’t blame you. If your kitchen feels dated and heavy, it is time to fling off the weight of the past and step into a fresh new start.

Done right, white kitchens look clean and crisp or peaceful and serene. Done wrong, they can feel cold and clinical or even dreary. Here are some of the biggest questions that you may have before you take the plunge:

  1. How do I choose the right white for my kitchen remodel?
  2. How do I make a white kitchen feel warm and inviting?
  3. How do I keep a white kitchen clean?

No fear. We put together this page of white kitchen renovation ideas and the secrets that work to help you out.

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  • White Kitchen Renovation Ideas – The Secret to Choosing the Right White

If you have ever shopped for white paint, you know there may be several dozen options for ‘white’ at any given hardware store. From warm to cold, you’ll find tints of gray, yellow, pink, green … how are you to choose?

    • Incorporate multiple whites – The first part of the answer is, don’t choose just one white! Avoid a flat, lifeless kitchen renovation by mixing different whites together.

      Start with a base white – your favorite swatch. Use that white on main features such as walls or cabinets to create cohesion throughout the room. Then layer in other creamy colors or shades of gray to add soft dimension. If you really want to push the contrast, a two-tone kitchen design with beige and white or gray and white can look lovely.

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    • Consider the type of lighting coming into the kitchen – There is no one white that works for all kitchen remodels. The general rule of thumb is to avoid cooler whites in North-facing rooms, while a warm or cool white could work for a South-facing kitchen renovation.

      Off-whites can help the new kitchen remodel not feel stark and harsh on the eyes. Look for colors that have terms such as “stone”, “linen”, etc.

Buffalo NY Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

    • Consider the other colors in your home – Cool whites feel more sophisticated and modern, while warmer white kitchens bring in a welcoming, more traditional, lived-in charm.

      If you have a lot of warm red and gold undertones in your décor, a cooler white could clash and appear blue. You may appreciate a light taupe. On the other hand, cleaner and cooler whites make a great contrast to darker furnishings such as moody black cabinets or floors.

      Our best suggestion: Take a handful of white paint samples home to hold against your appliances and other chosen materials. Or ask your kitchen designer and contractor to help you pick the right white.

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  • White Kitchen Renovation Ideas – Secrets for Making the Kitchen Feel Inviting

    • Improve your kitchen’s lighting – Out of all your white kitchen renovation ideas, if your kitchen lacks lots of good lighting, this should be the first thing you know you need to change. Fixing this common issue can make all the difference between enjoying your new white kitchen makeover vs feeling stuck in a grim white cell.

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    • Bring nature into the kitchen – There is a definite appeal to having natural elements such as hardwood, cork, bamboo, ratton, or even stone in our homes. They add warmth and a sense of rootedness. The addition of live or faux plants in the kitchen helps us relax and makes the space more meditative.

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    • Use colorful accents and materials – Pops of color or warm metallic hardware are both white kitchen renovation ideas that will add visual interest and charm.

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  • White Kitchen Renovation Ideas – Secrets for Choosing Easy-to-Clean White Surfaces

    If you are opting for a white kitchen renovation, maintaining your beautiful white kitchen post-remodel should be top of mind. Here are a few ideas:

    • Go for white kitchen surfaces that have natural variations – The feathery textures and light gray veining in the marble surfaces below don’t only add visual interest. They are also more forgiving. Light food splatters and fingerprints won’t show as quickly.

3 Secrets of White Kitchen Renovation Ideas that Work - TBrothers Renovations

    • Select high-gloss paint or tile – Shiny finishes will wipe clean easily instead of absorbing the mess. We love the glossy off-white backsplash in this kitchen.

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    • Consider stain-resistant white countertops – If you are shopping for white countertops, search for surfaces that are stain-resistant, such as quartz, granite, or porcelain. Marble is a soft, porous stone and can absorb oils or become etched by acidic foods. Still love the timeless beauty of marble? Plan on reapplying a sealant about every six months.

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    • Look for stain-resistant white sinks – Farmhouse white sinks are very popular for the charm they add to your kitchen. You can ease your cleaning routine by selecting sink materials that resist stains and scratches. Fireclay and cast iron are two recommended materials for durable white sinks that won’t likely discolor. Also check out solid surface acrylic sinks.

3 Secrets of White Kitchen Renovation Ideas that Work - TBrothers Renovations

    • Have a plan for cleaning your white kitchen – Wipe messes quickly so they do not have time to set. Wash down white kitchen cabinets regularly (at least once per month) using warm water and a non-scratch microfiber cloth to avoid grease build-up. Add a mild dish soap for tougher jobs. But avoid harsher chemicals, unless you have tested in a small out-of-the way area first. Here are some additional tips for keeping your white kitchen clean and bright.

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Next Steps – Implementing Your White Kitchen Renovation Ideas

What do you think? Will you try out some of these white kitchen renovation ideas with your next remodel?

We know there is a lot to think about, but you do not need to sift through all your white kitchen renovation ideas alone.

If you are looking for a great kitchen contractor in Buffalo or Western NY, look no further. Contact TBrothers Renovations today, and we can help you every step of the way to get the perfect white kitchen makeover.