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5 Hot Tips for Home Interior Design in Buffalo NY

interior design in Buffalo NY

Buffalo NY carries a legacy for innovative design – in city planning, architecture, and art. Anyone looking for services in interior design in Buffalo NY may want to know what history they are building on, as well as what design trends are specific to the area. Here are five hot tips for interior design in Buffalo NY.

5 Hot Tips for Your Home Interior Design in Buffalo NY

1. Understand the history of beautiful Buffalo architecture

In 2006, Nicolai Ourousoff wrote in the New York Times, “Buffalo was founded on a rich tradition of architectural experimentation. The architects who worked here were among the first to break with European traditions to create an aesthetic of their own, rooted in American ideals about individualism, commerce and social mobility.”

Notably, the 1904 Larkin Building and the 1905 Darwin D. Martin House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, set the foundation for a style of design that is specifically American. Lloyd Wright thought of the home as a work of art.

What characteristics of design are associated with Lloyd Wright’s work that influenced interior design in Buffalo NY? Spacious open areas; detailed woodwork; features that allow for lots of light, such as floor-to-ceiling glass doors, overhead skylights, and glassy mosaics; leaded stained-glass windows; flat geometric planes; natural colors and materials; and earthy gardens and pergolas for peaceful living. 

conservatory Martin House Buffalo NY
A spectacular view of the conservatory in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House.

2. Appreciate the heritage of unique interior design in Buffalo NY

Frank Lloyd Wright’s style influence could be called Prairie style, characterized by a wide shallow roof and stone columns. Interiors inspired by this style have original Craftsman woodwork and leaded stained-glass windows, as in the Victorian homes pictured below.

Home Additions in Buffalo NY
Craftsman woodwork, wide trim, and stained glass at
365 Bird Ave, Buffalo, NY 14213.

5 Hot Tips for Home Interior Design in Buffalo NY - TBrothers Renovations
Lots of windows to let in light, and painted Craftsman woodwork after a renovation at
87 Tacoma Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216.

In the heart of Buffalo NY, you will also find Colonial Revival houses, inspired by British and Dutch styles but with modern conveniences.

Home Additions in Buffalo NY
An updated classical Colonial interior design, at 258 High Park Blvd, Amherst, NY 14226.

You will find Queen Anne-style houses, a subset of Victorian design, lavish with intricate trim and details.

5 Hot Tips for Home Interior Design in Buffalo NY - TBrothers Renovations
Interior of home at
374 S Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14201.

You will also find modern custom-built homes, with innovative features and smooth, clean-lined surfaces.

Home Additions in Buffalo NY
Interior design from a new construction modern home at
46 Ketchum Pl, Buffalo, NY 14213.

There is definitely a wide range of interior design in Buffalo NY! And let’s face it—there are also many homes in Buffalo that do not have a beautiful interior design, and they would be great canvases for home renovation.

3. Balance modern and traditional styles

As you can see, Buffalo has a good mix of old world and modern design influences, not just in home interior design, but also in our city design. We have beautiful old cobblestone streets, and we also have the Buffalo AKG Art Museum (formerly the Albright-Knox Art Gallery) with its large modern sculptures on the lawn. We also have landmark buildings in varying styles, such as the Buffalo History Museum modeled after the Parthenon, and the Old Post Office in Gothic Revival style.

We are a city of design exploration and innovation! That mix of design interests carries over into interior design in our hometown. That means you can create powerful design statements within your own home. Some of the best interior design in Buffalo NY mixes old world charm with modern and contemporary style elements. You can mix design styles within the same house, and even within the same room.

Home Additions in Buffalo NY
A modern bathroom and ornamented Victorian bedroom complement each other in a townhome at
75 14th St, Buffalo, NY 14213, now under construction – a sample of the wide mix of influences on interior design in Buffalo NY.

4. Embrace contemporary interior design in Buffalo NY

Styles for interior design in Buffalo NY continue to evolve. Contemporary interior design refers to what is of the moment and popular. Just flip through a magazine or a gallery from a local home improvement contractor, and you can find a fashionable design style that suits you.

Especially in the suburbs of Buffalo, you will find many of the contemporary interior designs that are current and trending. You can request that a designer or contractor provide you with just about any style of home remodel that you can dream up. Contemporary styles are very popular for interior design in Buffalo NY.

Also remember that it is possible to honor beautiful woodwork and architectural details within an old home while updating paint, tiles, and more. This way, you can have the best of old world and contemporary interior design.

kitchen and bath remodeling in Buffalo
A contemporary interior design in Buffalo NY, by
TBrothers Renovations

5. Incorporate artwork and updated furnishings

Don’t forget the finishing touches of your interior design in Buffalo NY: artwork and furnishings! If you want a home makeover with lots of character and that feels unique to you, check out our article on how to create a remodel that feels like home.

Once you have the foundation of a home structure you are happy with (think floor plan, cabinet placement, etc.), much of the process of making the house feel like home has to do with adding colors, lighting fixtures, tile, and furnishings that you will be happy with. An interior designer can help you with this process. It is often very helpful to work with a home remodel contractor who has an interior designer on staff.

Gorgeous living room remodel
A home remodel completed by
TBrothers Renovations.

Ready to complete your own interior design in Buffalo NY?

The Western New York area has so much to offer. We are encouraged that Buffalo is on the rise, and so many Buffalonians are proud of our hometown. While you are planning your interior design in Buffalo NY, you may feel inspired to hang art and maps related to Buffalo, make room for sports apparel on the walls, and even take inspiration from the unique architecture in Buffalo.

When you are ready to tackle your own home remodel, we hope you will check out TBrothers Renovations. We have an interior designer on staff, or we can work with your own interior designer. Whatever is easiest for you. We would love to be the best home remodel design and build team that you have ever had!

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