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Bathroom Remodeling in Buffalo NY: 7 Must-Read Design Tips

Bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY

Bathroom Remodeling in Buffalo NY: 7 Must-Read Design Tips

What makes a bathroom beautiful? Sophisticated design, or a layout that feels functional and intuitive? With so many bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY ideas in magazines and websites that look equally great and exciting to choose from, let’s face it, when you are planning on bathroom remodeling, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Maybe you have thought of bathroom renovation but had no idea where to start.

No problem. That’s where TBrothers Renovations comes in. We make bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY feel like a cakewalk. These 7 must-read design tips can create a strong plan for your next bathroom makeover.

Tip 1: Design your bathroom to keep moisture out

Do you love hot showers and soaking in the tub after a long day at work? The next time you are in your bathroom, observe how long the sad drip of humidity lingers. When you are gearing up for bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY, keeping moisture from seeping into ceilings, drywall, and other surfaces should be at the top of your mind.

How do you keep water from ruining your new bathroom makeover? It’s simple. Pick materials that are moisture-resistant and that are designed specifically for bathrooms, and add proper ventilation.

Bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY

At TBrothers Renovations, we use the water-resistant Wedi Shower System. It looks good, feels great, and is designed to resist moisture and mold, from drywall to tiling work. Our products fit seamlessly into your aesthetics with the customizations to make your space truly your own. The best part? It is faster to install than many other systems you will find at a big-box store, which cuts down on labor costs. So you can sit back, relax, and let the TBrothers Renovations bathroom contractors finish your new bathroom installation before you know it.

Tip 2: Decide whether you would like a bathtub

If you are bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY, you may wonder whether to keep a bathtub or opt for a tub-to-shower conversion.

While bathtubs take up a lot of space and can use a ton of water, the sheer relaxation of scented floatation is hard to resist. So, if you are one of those who love to rewind after a long day at work with a glass of wine and your favorite book at hand, keeping a bathtub is a great idea. On a more practical note, families with small children will appreciate having a bathtub for washing down their babies. In fact, having one bathtub can even push your property rate up.

But if you don’t plan to sell the house any time soon, and you are not a fan of the hassle that goes into a long-drawn soak, investing in a shower conversion could be the way to go to open up more floorspace and make your bathroom feel more spacious and functional.

Bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY

Tip 3: Consider a Jack-and-Jill bathroom

If you have a large family and a shortage of bathrooms, good luck finding a sink space or available mirror when you are getting ready in the morning. If building an additional bathroom is not an option, a Jack-and-Jill bathroom might be the perfect bathroom remodel solution for you.

Jack-and-Jill bathrooms are shared between two bedrooms, with access from multiple doors. They are great for convenience and customization, with storage space for everyone’s personal items. You can even put in an extra sink or an extra toilet to make sure you never have to wait again.

Tip 4: Make great use of space

Tired of bumping into the sink or knocking over your toiletries every time you go in for a shower? You are not alone. Half of our clients wish they had more space in their bathroom, and the other half is still in denial. But you don’t have to be.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY is the constraints of a small bathroom space. Little changes such as installing a different sized sink, choosing the right shower doors, or changing up the layout a bit can make a massive difference.

Bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY

Tip 5: Choose a theme or visual focus for the bathroom

With a cacophony of information on bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY, available on the internet, even the best of us need help choosing the right visual focus. A little inspiration goes a long way.

Whether you are a fan of mirrors, marbles, or minimalism, a central theme can help you plan an aesthetic that matches your vibe. But for the beginners out there, here’s a comprehensive list that can help make up your mind.

Tip 6: Plan the lighting

Of all the things to consider while designing your dream bathroom, unfortunately, having the proper lighting is often forgotten. Yet, lighting plays a pivotal role in our mood, how we experience and enjoy the room, and even whether we feel good about the way we look in the mirror.

Task lighting that brightens key areas where you work is of first importance to make your bathroom functional. But adding in layers of ambient and decorative lights that brighten from the sides is important for giving your bathroom a balanced look. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep even lighting in and around your mirrors so as not to cast unflattering shadows on your face.

Our recommendation is to visit a lighting showroom before you order lightbulbs and fixtures, so you can see color temperatures and how fixtures cast light before you make purchases. But if the new bathroom still feels poorly lit, you can always return an item to the store until you get it right.

Tip 7: Choose fixtures, colors, and textures that coordinate, but do not match

Allow different finishes, fixtures, colors, and textures in your bathroom to come together in a layered, interesting look rather than the monotony of similarity.

For example, if you are going for an all-white bathroom, select several whites instead of matching the walls to the trim and tile work. Or, if you choose stainless steel faucets, feel free to select a black acrylic for other accent pieces such as on light fixtures.

The idea here is that using all one color or material throughout the room can appear boring or even low-end. Professional designers are more likely to choose a sampling of two to three different finishes that coordinate well but do not perfectly match.

With a ton of options to choose from such as oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, antique silver, and chrome, there is not just one way to coordinate and make different elements come together. This is more of an art than a science.

Bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY

With this, you are ready to step into the brave, new world of bathroom remodeling.

And if you don’t want to do it all by yourself, why not give us a call? We would love to help you in the process.

At TBrothers Renovations, we specialize in maximizing stylish bathroom, kitchen, and home remodels built right the first time, and giving you functionality of space without compromising on aesthetics.

So the next time you are looking for a contractor for bathroom remodeling in Buffalo NY, you know who to reach out to. We have helped many of your neighbors take their bathroom renovation from imagination to reality, and you could be next. Reach out to us today to know more.