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Working with bath remodelers in Buffalo? Use products designed for the bathroom!

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Working with bath remodelers in Buffalo and WNY? Use products designed for the bathroom!

If you are working with bath remodelers in Buffalo and WNY, don’t make the mistake of using building materials that were designed for use outside the bathroom. It is so important that all the framework below the surface in a bathroom is built correctly. Materials like drywall, sealant, floor panels, and more that may work perfectly fine in a kitchen or bedroom may not be suited to an area that is wet and warm, like a bathroom.

Time and time again, we see homes with improper waterproofing and ventilation, resulting in moisture gathering and mold hiding under tiles. Instead, we at TBrothers Renovations start our bathroom renovations with the wedi building system. What is this? It is a brand of building products that are specially designed to withstand the moisture, heat, and electrical stress common to residential bathrooms.

If we have never met before, we are TBrothers Renovations, and our team of professional bath remodelers pride ourselves in renovating homes, kitchens, and baths right the first time. We would like to introduce you to some of the features and products wedi offers, so you can understand why we do what we do and make informed decisions for your own bath remodel.

wedi products for bathroom renovations

wedi specializes in products specifically designed for bathroom renovations, including:

  • complete kits for a shower installation that can be tiled over
  • complete kits for tub installation
  • new shower bases
  • shower seats, benches, curbs, and ramps
  • waterproof building panels for floors, walls, and ceilings
  • shower floor extension panels
  • joint sealant and sealing tape
  • waterproofing sheet membranes
  • fastener systems
  • drain covers, shelves, and more

Benefits to using the wedi system in your bathroom remodel

  1. Waterproof bath installation

    With the wedi system, all products are 100% waterproof, from tile backer/wall panels, to drainage, curb and seat structures, and more, all the way down to the washers. Materials also resists bacteria and fungus growth. wedi uses a Click and Seal™ drain system for water-tight drain installation. wedi joint sealant ensures that there is a strong, waterproof seal between building panels.wedi carries everything you need for your bath remodelers to build, connect, and seal your new bathroom. The wedi system is the perfect base for your local bath remodelers to lay down between your home’s frame structure and any tiles or flooring that you install. This ensures that your bathroom makeover is not just pretty, but also watertight.

  2. Customizable bathroom design

    Do not worry that your bathroom makeover will look cookie-cutter. While complete kits for showers and tubs can be used, wedi carries a wide range of materials for customization, for a completely unique bathroom design. Their panels are also very versatile and are designed to be tiled over to create a custom look.

  3. Fast and easy bathroom renovation

    wedi system products all work together for smooth and seamless installation. They are extremely quick to install. This means experienced bath remodelers, like those at TBrothers Renovations, can build the base layer of your bathroom renovation in as little as a few hours, reducing wait time, high labor costs, and other inconveniences. In other words, you get the best system available with fewer headaches.

  4. Structurally strong bathroom renovation

    wedi system building materials are durable and strong. Building panels are made of a waterproof foam core that won’t absorb moisture, a cement-like coating, and a built-in fiberglass mesh. This means the panels are strong and rigid. Different thicknesses of building panels are ideal for different uses, such as behind glass mosaics, or to build a heated floor system.

  5. Clean bathroom renovation

    Since the wedi system consists of prefabricated parts that easily interlock together, these building materials are clean to work with. If you have any concerns with the mess and allergens in your home that typically accompany a remodel, this makes the wedi system ideal for your bathroom renovation.

bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY
A peek “underneath the hood” – What is under the surface in a bathroom renovation matters.

Where to access the wedi system for bathroom remodels

You will not find wedi bathroom remodeling products in a big-box hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. You can do a search at wedi’s own website for distributor retail locations. There are several stores in the Buffalo, NY area that sell wedi products.

Even better, you can ask your favorite local bath remodelers to install the wedi system of products for you. It is ideal if they are PRO certified, because this extends additional warranties to you, as the homeowner, if PRO certified bath remodelers install the system.

Warranties when PRO certified bath remodelers install the wedi system

wedi offers a 10-Year General Warranty to cover any defects in the products you have received. If PRO certified bath remodelers install the system during a bathroom renovation, wedi offers an extended 15- or 20-Year Warranty. You can visit the wedi website to see the specific requirements of receiving this warranty. For example, the warranty specifies which products must be installed, so that the company can be sure you are making best use of the system.

TBrothers Renovations is a PRO certified installer for wedi products. This means our team of bath remodelers successfully completed wedi PRO Certification classes, and we have lots of hands-on experience using the wedi system.

More About Our Bathroom Installation Process

Using the wedi system is just one of the things that makes our bathroom renovation process special and top-notch. Learn more about the TBrothers Renovation home renovation process here.

Bathroom renovations in Buffalo NY
What are your bath remodelers installing into the base layers of your bathroom makeover? – Build it right, the first time to avoid expensive issues. We use the wedi building system.

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