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8 New Bathroom Ideas that are Trending Now

There really is no better way to bring a little self-care into your life this year than redoing the bathroom.

These current trends for new bathrooms are showing up across design magazines and new homes on the market. They feature elements that encourage relaxation and rejuvenation while bringing all the aesthetics of a spa into your home. So take a moment to imagine the perfect escape as you consider if any of these ideas are right for redoing your favorite bathroom space.

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1. Playful colors and tiles

Boring, sterile color schemes are not going to make for Pinterest-worthy new bathrooms today. Instead, whimsical bold patterns are in, and so are colorful and unique finds for tile, flooring, hardware, lighting, and even wallpaper. This is a good thing, because the new bathroom you will most love will be expressive and personalized to your tastes.

How do you navigate this? Start with what makes you feel like you are in your happy place. Identify favorite colors and patterns, perhaps animals or objects or past vacation experiences that make you smile. Decide a theme or how you want to feel in the room.

Then look through magazines or online galleries or walk the aisles at a home improvement store to gather more ideas for what is current and what you can incorporate. Look for patterned and textured tiles that you like and ask your bathroom renovation contractor for assistance matching styles together. For inspiration, look through our own gallery of new bathrooms, or check out Houzz’s list of most saved bathroom remodel photos in 2021.

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2. Inset storage and built-in niches

Anyone who has attempted to redo bathroom organization understands the importance of having the right amount of storage areas, bins, drawers and cabinets. Add to that multiple family members using the same bathroom, and you’ve got an organizational nightmare waiting to happen without careful planning for the space.

Since space is at a premium in most bathrooms, inset storage or a built-in niche adds the perfect touch to keep things organized and off the countertops. Between cleaning solutions, linens, makeup, a 50-step skincare routine, and shaving stations–a master bathroom that is unorganized is one that is guaranteed to add stress to any family’s daily routine. The best bathroom remodel contractor understands this and works hard to ensure that a new bathroom will make life easier for everyone in the household.

If storage is not your primary goal, or your new bathroom remodel will be for the benefit of few people, cubbies can be used to display plants or other elements that add personality to the space. However, for larger families, such niches will offer the ability to organize everyone’s “stuff” in a way that is modern and efficient. Lining these areas with a unique tile or wallpaper adds even more visual appeal.

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3. Upgraded vanities made from unique pieces

Whether you’re sharing bathroom countertop space with the entire family or just with a significant other who seems to always clutter a bathroom countertop — staking your claim to vanity space might seem like a constant daily battle. This is why upgraded vanities are a must-have for any new bathroom remodel. You should keep in mind making the space more usable while adding eye-catching focal pieces to the room.

Gone are the days of predictable bathroom remodel schemes and materials. Detailed edges, backsplashes, and antique vanities that are furniture and add architectural elements to the room are the go-to design statements of bathroom makeovers today. Much of the enjoyment will come from finding the perfect piece of furniture to accent the room that your guests will gush about whenever they visit.

You might even consider a floating bathroom vanity with thin legs or no legs beneath, so you can tuck bins of towels or fresh-looking plants under your sink. These sink styles can work effectively with a minimal or industrial style bathroom remodel.

4. Plaster walls for “old-world” charm

Plaster adds a unique texture to a new bathroom redesign that encourages the perfect “old world” cozy atmosphere for a relaxing space. The best part about it is it removes the need to clean mold, mildew, and soap scum from the upper areas of a tiled shower or bath — a job that can be difficult and require extensive harmful chemicals to get it done right.

That’s why plaster walls can really be a win-win, especially for the person responsible for battling the ick that is commonly seen in bathrooms with more traditional grout and tile, or porcelain areas.

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5. Reclaimed and natural woods

Reclaimed and natural woods are another great design element for today’s bathroom makeovers, adding a sense of warmth and comfort to the space. In particular, Cedar is a great option to consider because of its durability and ability to stand up to moisture without warping. It also will add a great, fresh smell to the bathroom, only contributing to your self-care routine. 

Looking for a warm tone? Try mahogany or cherry hardwood. Want to cool it down? Ash and maple are good choices for your new bathroom. Of course, your bathroom remodel contractor can also help provide solid options that are sourced locally keeping in mind the best prices and style to match your space.

It is important that you seal the wood that you are using or purchase pre-sealed furniture designed for the bathroom. You will also need to make sure your bathroom remodel contractor installs proper ventilation. If moisture gathers on your wood after a shower, it is a good idea to wipe it down. But keep in mind that wear and patina on wood is normal, and it can add to the charm of the space.

freestanding tub new bathroom remodel

6. Freestanding tubs and Jacuzzis

If there’s anything that the past few years of shelter-in-place orders have taught us, it’s the value of taking a little more time out of your daily routine to focus on self-care. Adding a deep freestanding tub or jacuzzi to your new bathroom can provide a welcome reminder to slow down. Plus, let’s be real. Haven’t you always wanted to soak in a freestanding tub?

If getting under and behind the tub to clean is a concern, a corner bath jacuzzi can be easier for bathroom cleanup. The added feature of jets to give you an end-of-the-day massage is also welcome. The spa-like experience is definitely top of people’s minds.

White is the most popular bathtub color, but don’t feel confined to it.

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7. Go green – nature in the bathroom

TWhether it’s finding ways to conserve water or creating a lush, green landscape for your bathroom makeover, going green is definitely a big current trend. In fact, Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2021 is Aegean Teal!

From green tiles to botanical wallpapers to unique niches designed to grow plants, consider concepts that bring you back to nature for the perfect rest and relaxation to complement your hectic day. Cork, bamboo, stone, and marble are materials that you can integrate into your bathroom remodel plans that are both current and natural.

8. Smart home features

It is no secret that homeowners have added new tech to their homes, like smart doorbells, thermostats, fridges, and TVs. Smart technology can add convenient capabilities to your bathroom renovation as well.

Some hardware on the market that you might want to consider includes digitally controlled lighting, specialized shower features such as aromatherapy showerheads, waterproof speakers, electronic mirrors, and temperature-controls on toilets. Re-Bath provides 20 examples of tech improvements you can add to your bathroom here.

Due to the pandemic, touchless technologies such as sensor-activated flushing and sink controls are also becoming more popular new bathroom updates.

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