Planning a Remodel or Addition?

Your home.
Your remodel.

You are the homeowner. You can be as hands on as you would like in the planning and design process. We meet with you personally to go over ideas, designs, and goals for your remodel or home addition.


Home Additions in Buffalo, NY


Give us your vision.
Let us do the rest.

We work closely with an architectural company.

We can create anything, from a kitchen and basement remodel to a full-blown addition or new build.

Building your home renovation or addition is a breeze.

We provide all required permits and inspections!

We work with the best electricians and plumbers that have the same attention to detail and high standards as we do. They are all licensed and insured.

Owners can be on-site at every step of the project to ensure your total satisfaction.


we care about your home

We utilize innovative tools to reduce dust and allergens in clients’ homes. We strive to provide a clean workspace that reduces cleanup time as well as protecting the home of our clients.

ZipWall Dust Barrier

  • Magnetic plastic door and/or walls to section off work areas to minimize dust in non-construction areas of the home.

BuildClean Dust Control

  • Utilizes a HEPA 360 airscrubber

“BuildClean dramatically reduces airborne job-site dust by drawing in air, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space”

Festool Sander

  • utilize a HEPA vacuum system to reduce dust and allergens at the worksite
  • connects to many tools such as Planex drywall sander, miter saws, table saws, and many other tools

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