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Since 2015 TBrothers Renovation has been serving the greater Buffalo, NY area, turning ordinary houses into amazing. beautiful homes. Starting in their childhood years, the brothers loved fixing things that they found, turning something that was discarded or no longer useful into an amazing creation. This passion to create has never left the two brothers, and they began buying real estate to rehabilitate.

It was during this process that the brothers discovered a significant difference in contractors. Some would put extraordinary craftsmanship into their work, while others would do a poor job and disappear when complaints arose. One specific aspect we noticed was that the best contractors loved what they were doing – they weren’t just in it for the money – while the worst-quality work was completed by those who were just there for a paycheck.

When we were young, we never imagined becoming entrepreneurs, but this passion to fix, build and create has driven us to create TBrothers Renovations. With a strong drive to stand out and show our clients what quality craftsmanship looked like, we developed our own team of professional, reliable workers who pay strong attention to detail and quality control. That’s why our clients are able to enjoy the amazing workmanship we deliver.

Our team offers high-quality, competitively priced renovation work in the Buffalo, NY area, including kitchen & bath remodels, additions, flooring replacement and general contracting work. Our worker’s dedication to craftsmanship and customer service place us above the rest. Follow us on social media as we transform houses in the Buffalo, NY area into our clients’ dream homes! You’ll see the focus on quality control and outstanding craftsmanship in every project we undertake. Turn your current home into your dream home with us.

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